Written prayerfully is this, my plea, to any wandering prodigal son or daughter.
May the Lord, in His great mercy, hasten the return of all our prodigal children in Jesus' name, and for His glory. Amen.

My Beloved Child
Please do not be wise
In your own eyes;
Fear God, your Maker, as you ought,
That your foot may not be caught.
Oh beloved, that you may be taught
Of the One who alone can truly blot
Your iniquities, your transgressions forever,
And your precious soul from sin sever.
Your enemy comes to steal, to kill, to destroy.
For your harm many devices will he deploy:
Peers, "friends", social media, even teachers;
For many and cunning are the devil's preachers.
Jesus, your only Saviour, the Redeemer came
To give you life in its fullness, and claim
Your precious soul for God, prised from the devil,
Whose deadly kingdom Jesus shall forever level.
Ponder afresh the cross of His sacrifice;
Contemplate the love that paid so high a price
For your needed justification, and your spiritual sanctification:
How shall any escape, despising such a great salvation?
Receive with joy the better-than-gold Word
Of your Creator, the Sovereign, Eternal Lord;
For a heart that is filled with this glorious treasure
Knows victory and blessings without measure!